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What does it mean
to live "relentless?"

All too often we can be guilty of communicating a “version” of Christianity that either deemphasizes the significant cost of following Jesus or all together excludes the difficulties, distractions, trials, persecution, or problems that are promised to arise in the Christian life.


Teenagers are told that following Christ is the most important decision in their lives. And in faith, they trust Christ. Yet, instead of understanding that “all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” (2 Tim. 3:12), many assume that everything in their world will be fixed. Except that doesn’t happen...


…And when life doesn’t seem to immediately improve in tangible ways that they thought it would, many students begin to question the love of Jesus and His plan for their lives. Why is this?


Because, after all, what loving God would allow His children to face trials and persecution?


The only issue is that God’s love for His people can’t be viewed through what happens to us, but instead of what happened to Him.


God’s love for us shouldn’t be measured by the circumstances we encounter, but instead should be measured by the cross He endured.


Throughout the week our students will be engaging the topic of what it means to live RELENTLESS: Pursuing Christ At All Costs. Prayerfully, this study will help our teenagers begin to lay the foundation of a relentless faith that doesn’t wither in the face of hard times, uncertain circumstances, temptation, or persecution.


At Thrive Camp this year:

  • Your student will learn that believers are not promised an easy life, but instead, eternal life. We will also learn that we can endure any present circumstance with God’s presence within us and God’s promises before us.

  • Your student will be reminded that the cost (devotion, obedience, perseverance, mortification, persecution, etc.) of following Jesus (giving our entire lives to him, giving up our former way of living our sin) is worth it.

Pursue Christ all costs… persevering through any and all circumstances…with the powerful presence of God in you…and the promises of God before you.

What will your student get at camp this year?





A comfortable

camp-themed t-shirt.

A camp-themed student book that includes small group lessons and quiet time devotionals.

A camp-themed follow-up journal that includes four weeks of interactive devotionals.

An unforgettable, life-changing beach camp experience.

Who will be at camp
this year?
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Wade Morris

Speaker and Author, Birmingham, AL

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Cory Epps

Worship Pastor at Central Baptist Church, Jonesboro, AR

Andy Denoon (& The Sunday Cool Fam)

Content Creator at SundayCool.com and CoolCarll.com




Cost of Thrive Camp 2021:  $300.00